40 Days to 40 Deluxe Birthday Kit SKU: 142394

In 2012, I planned an elaborate surprise for my husband's 40th which included a 40-day countdown to his birthday. Every day for 40 days, I gave him a countdown card that had a special note along with a small gift or letter that was written by a close friend. On his actual birthday, he received a message (on a huge candy board) that explained what he would be doing on his 40th birthday. I posted an explanation and the result on this 40 Days to 40th Birthday post. Several people asked me for the birthday tags that I created for the event. As a result, I put together all the elements to save you time in planning.


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Want to do something BIG for someone's 40th birthday? 


This birthday kit contains everything I made to create a memorable experience for my husband.

(This idea can also be used for any other milestone birthday!)

The 40 Days to 40 Birthday Kit contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions for the planning.
  • 40 birthday tags PLUS blank tags if you are celebrating a different milestone. 
  • Notes are written for each tag - Use them as is or as a brainstorming idea for your own.
  • Novelty gift ideas and links for 40th themed presents
  • Clear pictures of the candy board and a website where you can find names of different candies

Once purchased, check your email and download immediately to your computer. For security purposes, link deactivates after 1 week.